Why is it called Iris?
Many reasons, but most importantly, it was going to be the name for another child we wanted to have. Since we did not have the child, I chose to give this name to the new venture. I was also looking for something that was in the shape of a Circle for Circle Strings. 
Where is Vermont?
North of wherever you are and the most beautiful state in the USA!
How many Iris guitars do you plan to make each year?
More than 10 but less than 100.
If I want a square sound hole, is that possible?
No, wrong guy. I like traditional guitars. 
Can I come to your shop and assist with the build?
Yes, that is an additional $10,000
If I have some old wood from a pickle barrel or my grandfather's barn, can we make a guitar with that?
Wrong guy, talk to the electric guy next door. 
Is it possible to get a round plastic back on my guitar like an Ovation?
Is there anyplace good to eat near your shop while I wait for you to build my guitar?
No but we are close to Pool World who did a fine job making our pool. 
Does Iris make amplifiers or capos or slides or cleaning kits or harmonica holders?
No, but we also make Circle Strings Custom Guitars. 
Do I get a free lesson with my guitar?
Yes, I will teach you three chords, and that is it!
Will you write a funny joke inside my guitar before you seal it up?
You'll have to see.
Can you change the logo to say ISIS?
I just called the authorities.
Doesn't your web guy have anything better to do?
Apparently not.